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Internet Marketing Agency

Our internet marketing company generates quality leads and sales conversions. Frankly Nothing Else Matters.

VERTICALwisdom Marketing is an internet marketing agency headquartered in Park City, Utah providing a full range of multi-channel marketing services to clients across the country for over 15 years. We have built a solid reputation for providing outstanding service to our client-partners and achieving measurable results.

Our proven multi-channel solutions drive a consistent flow of qualified leads that convert into sales revenue.  We work with small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits to grow their organizations through technology that drives revenue to help scale their growth.

Connect with prospective customers using a combination of marketing platforms. Website, Messenger Chatbots, Enhanced Email Campaigns, Facebook and Google Ads, and Sales Funnels. Maximize every possible communication channel to grow your business.

Multi-Channel Marketing

So what is Multi-Channel Marketing? Simply, it is engaging your prospective and existing customers where they prefer to communicate. You take your message to the place they are, on the devices they use, and channels they are the most comfortable. Then you trade customer value in exchange for their attention. We call the process, ENGAGE . TEACH . PRESENT. Then repeat the process with more valuable information and then present your offer until they opt-out or become a customer.

Let’s consider a multi-channel engagement example. A prospective or existing client visits your website. How do you “engage” them? Is there compelling information with a call to action? Does your Messenger Chatbot pop-up and ask how can we help you? If not, you are leaking sales opportunities each and everyday.

Let’s take another everyday example of customer engagement. A visitor to your website fills out a form. What happens next? Do you provide a “lead magnet” something of value they trade for their information? Do you deliver the PDF or video in messenger or email or both? Are follow-ups automatic and in a specific sequence to shorten your sales cycle journey? For most businesses the answer is probably no. We can fix that. It is what we do everyday.

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

Consider enhanced email campaigns that deliver your message to 50,000 very select target consumers or businesses. Your message presents a “lead magnet” something of value and 1,000 targeted leads click to your landing page and downloaded your report, PDF, video. Automatically a sequence of emails, text, and messenger engagements occur over the next few weeks. How many new customers¬† would that generate? How valuable would this be to your business?

Our focus is attracting and
retaining more customers.
Multi-Channel Marketing
drives revenues.

We generate a consistent flow of quality leads into multi-channel sales funnels that convert to sales revenue.

This is the life-blood of every business.


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