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Capture “INTENDING BUYERS” at exactly the right  moment…

Increase conversions and land more customers with Google’s “call only” ads

Google AdWords target mobile users that direct the customer searching for your product or service to calls you directly to versus sending traffic to a website or landing page. These are prospective customers searching for MedSpa or Plumber “near me” and they intend to buy or book as they need/want your services.

01. Transactional Intent

Call only ads typically have a higher cost per click than regular PPC ads because they are essentially an automatic conversion.

02. Make Your Phone Ring

Most businesses don’t have time to wait for mystical SEO to work its magic. They need action now. We make your phone ring in 7 dayys.

03. Tracking Numbers

Track every call. Know it was answered, how the lead was handled, listen to a recording and improve your customer experience and conversions.

04. Retargeting

Hyper-target those that clicked on your offer and didn’t buy into customers by reengage them and be at the right place at the right time.

Google “Call-Only” Campaigns

40% More Conversions‎

Google “Call-Only” campaigns are not “Pay Per Click” (PPC) Ads. The Call Only Ad targets mobile phones with only the option to call your business. You marketing spend is focused clicks to calls to your business instead of clicks to your website or landing pages. This means your cost per click bid should match the value you would place on a phone call to your business resulting in a much higher ROI result.

Google Call-Only campaigns make driving and tracking calls to your business extremely simple, Your Call-Only ads are highly targeted for intent based on specific search terms. An example would be “electrician near me” a very common mobile search for a lead needing electrical services now.

No one denies the growth of mobile search for products and services, Mobile searchers are looking to solve a problem or find a business now. Your business must be equipped to take advantage of these mobile search trends. 

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We generate a consistent flow of quality leads into multi-channel sales funnels that convert to sales revenue.

This is the life-blood of every business.

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