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5% of people who view product videos will visit the company’s website, and 24% will make a purchase after they watch. —Kelsey Group study

Video Reaches More Viewers

Your critical brand message needs to reach screens large and small, in different video formats, over connections of all kinds. With VERTICALwisdom you deliver your message through high-quality video in your own brand environment.

Understand Consumers

Want to really know who sees your video each day — and how they engage with your brand? VERTICALwisdom Actionable Analytics™ reveals your viewers in amazing detail: where they live, what devices they use, when they drop out and when they can’t stop watching. You can reach and engage customers like never before.

Make Syndication Easy

To grow your brand you have to reach your customers — wherever they choose to engage with you. With Ooyala you can expand your brand reach through simple, efficient video syndication on YouTube, Facebook, MRSS feeds, or wherever you want. Restrict by domain or region to deliver your message exactly when and where you want it.