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Social Media Marketing

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Trends on the web change quite fast. What was considered good a couple of years ago, is now considered ineffective and outdated. Search engines change their algorithms frequently and as a result businesses have to adapt or be beaten by competitors. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is at the forefront of customer relationship marketing. Social Media Marketing focuses on engaging, communicating and building brand communications, with your target market.

Unlike outdated marketing approaches, SMM fosters two way communications rather than a one way broadcast of your marketing message. To get the best results from SMM a willingness to give information over time and establish your brand as an authority - simply it takes dedication. Social Media as the name implies is all about building lasting relationships that later can result in business deals or sales leads.

SMM gives people and businesses a chance to ask questions, talk, learn, network, bookmark, vote share information and opinions, give feedback on other social activities around a given topic, etc. It is not about marketing directly or selling.

Social Media Marketing can be used to:

  • Create a buzz online

  • Build a following

  • Communication with prospective/current customers

  • Create word of mouth marketing

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