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Mobile Website Development

If not now... You will be playing catch-up

Just when you thought it was safe to come out - they changed all the rules. Your customers are mobile, they don't leave the house without 3 things. 1. Keys to the car 2. Wallet/Purse 3. Their Smartphone. Forget the Smartphone and they turn around immediately and get it. Ask a customer how they found you and they will respond - on Google, Yelp or Foursquare. True, but what "device" did they search on?  Mobile is here and is fast becoming the dominant ways users consume content and make purchases.

Total Access Equals Business Growth

Mobile MarketingAs a business person you have choices to make to market your products and services to consumers. One fact is certain, your customers what to connect to your without limitation - they want immediate connection, ease of connection and on their terms. Neglect the mobile market today and you will be playing catch-up with your competition.

Remove Barriers of Entry

With a mobile website you can make sure that the first time someone types in your URL from their mobile device, they are immediately detected as a mobile user and redirected to a mobile-optimized experience — or even better to a device-optimized experience. This approach removes the barriers of entry because it doesn’t force your users to download an application before interacting with your brand AND can still serve a device-optimized experience to your users. Make the message clear, easy to navigate and click to directions or call and you are now in the game again.