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SmartMEDICINE Text Reminder System

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Your medical practice depends on minimize missed patients appointments. After all, each missed appointment means down time and lost revenue!
Unlike annoying automated phone calling systems, our

SmartMEDICAL Text Reminder is a non-intrusive way of saying you care and an automated way of increasing your revenue and reducing staff costs.

SmartMEDICAL text Reminder pays for itself with just a single saved appointment and is the most effective and least expensive way to keep your practice at full capacity. The best part is that SmartMEDICAL Text Reminder is incredibly affordable, and any practice can setup and start sending text reminders in minutes. All you need is any computer or Smartphone with Internet access! It's time to let your staff focus on something more important than making repetitive reminder phone calls, and your patients won't be forced to put up with intrusive automated phone calls again!