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Customized Facebook Pages

Your business can claim a Facebook page—and it should. Creating this business account is one of the most powerful marketing moves you can make.

Your business page is much different from your personal presence on Facebook.  It’s a public page, not a personal profile, and doesn’t need to be connected with your personal account at all. How to maximize this marketing opportunity? VERTICALwisdom SEO can help.

Custom Facebook Pages

We understand that your presence on Facebook is an extremely important component of your overall online presence, and that Facebook can be much, much more than just a wall.  To help your business take advantage of Facebook’s potential, we can create a customized Facebook presence that is equivalent to a micro website with a fully-loaded feature set of functionality.

Take a look at some of the ways we can help market your business through Facebook:

Custom Landing Tab

The landing tab on Facebook is your customer’s first impression of your Facebook page.  Make it count.  VERTICALwisdom will design a custom welcome tab that invites users to participate with your brand.

Like to Unlock

The “like to unlock” feature is one of Facebook’s best tools and a great way to convert your audience.  It’s simple: visitors will see different information once they’ve liked your page.  We can help you use this feature to encourage your fans to join your page, by advertising a special offer, downloading unique content to Facebook fans, or offering other incentives.

Information Capture

We’ll help you use your Facebook page to gather customer information. By putting an information capture form right into Facebook, we can make sure that it’s easy for customers to inquire about your business’ products or services.

Power to Share

Sharing is what makes Facebook such a powerful platform for business.  Compared to traditional media, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of a Facebook page is fantastic.  Each message or post on your Facebook page is repopulated to all the people who have liked your page in the past.  They’ll share that post with their friends.  They, in turn, may share it with their friends. The more often you update your Facebook page, the more your messaging could be interjected into the social lives of your fans. Once you have an established fan base, you can reach an ever-growing audience through just your Facebook business page, making it one of the most powerful platforms online.

More Facebook for Business

Interested in building a fan base fast?  Let us tell you about Facebook advertising.  Don’t have time to post content?  Our affordable “points of contact” system can help quantify your social media marketing efforts and keep your Facebook page fresh. Want to go further? Let’s talk about Facebook Development for custom applications.