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YouTube Marketing

Build Your Audience

Video can be a powerful component of an online marketing strategy. Videos allow online visitors to “meet” you, to feel like they know and understand you and your business.

At Globe Runner, we can help you use the power of video—on your web site and on YouTube—to draw views from potential customers.  Whether you’d like to add a personal touch to your website with an executive interview, or want to reach a potential audience of millions through YouTube, Globe Runner can find a video solution for you.

Engage your Customers with YouTube Campaigns

You can build audiences of literally millions on YouTube. Take it from these successful campaigns:

The “Let It Blend” video series was one of the first YouTube videos to make a substantial impact on business marketing. The series not only raised the profile of its creators, Blend Tech, but helped the company to dominate the blender market. A maker of upscale industrial blenders, Blend Tech historically sold its products to the restaurant and commercial kitchen market. When a Blend Tech executive saw engineers testing the strength of products by blending chunks of two-by-fours, he decided the rest of the world should see that impressive display of power, too. The resulting video series, which features the CEO blending random objects using Blend Tech blenders, went viral. It not only attracted millions and millions of views, but expanded Blend Tech’s market far beyond the industrial kitchen.

Orabrush is a more recent YouTube success. Orabrush markets its tongue scraper exclusively through You Tube, utilizing promotional videos, YouTube’s ad platform and humorous commercials. The company’s comic videos demonstrate the advantages of eliminating bad breath, and prove the success of video marketing: millions of tongue scrapers have been sold, with YouTube as the only marketing channel.

Drive your Customers Home with Video SEO

Video marketing can also benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). VERTICALwisdom utilizes the latest in search engine optimization techniques to drive organic traffic—and thus more views—to your video, whether it’s on YouTube or your website.  We have helped clients increase their audience and broaden their reach by driving thousands of views to their videos.


Let VERTICALwisdom’s team craft a successful video strategy for your company.