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SEO Optimized Press Releases

The press release is one of the oldest and most effective means of reaching an audience. In today's cross media marketing environment we use releases to reach beyond a few reporters to a much wider, yet targeted, audience. A properly crafted and distributed press release can deliver your marketing and PR objectives directly to consumers who want your goods or services.

We utilize the press release to serve three primary functions :

  • Contact – First, the press release is a means to contact consumers, delivering your latest news and your marketing goals directly via search engines. Search engines pick up press releases and distribute them widely across the web. Feeder sites then pick up the releases and reproduce them on hundreds of news outlet sites.
  • Impact - One of the most important functions of the press release is its impact on search engine optimization. When feeder sites pick up your release, they generate hundreds of back links to your web site and increase your search rankings.
  • Interest – Finally, a well written press release speaks not only to the consumer, but sparks curiosity among the journalism community. If your release is picked up and published in traditional media, your business gains even more exposure.

This threefold advantage makes a press release one of the key components of any good search engine optimization campaign.