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Websites That Convert Visitors to Leads and Sales?

Make Landing Pages Work for You.

SEO Ft. LauderdaleTie your landing pages to promotional offers, and turn visitors into sales. How? With  landing pages that capture visitor information and encourage sales, designed especially for you by the experts at VERTICALwisdom SEO.  We’ll create customized pages that direct users to enter basic information into a form in exchange for a discount (the potential customer could also call in and use a specialized promo code). The landing page or form is then immediately emailed to you for follow-up. This specific landing page would not be accessible from the regular website and would be reserved only for customers who click on the advertisement.

Multivariate Testing on Landing Pages

Want to make sure your pages are working for you? It’s pretty simple to test two completely separate landing pages, but what if you want to test individual items on one landing page? Multivariate testing allows you to test multiple parts of the page at the same time, so that you know for sure which combination of pictures and/or ad copy is working for you. VERTICALwisdom SEO can set up multivariate testing for you and report on the findings. Use this technology to:
  • Test new marketing messages
  • Try out different images
  • Test entire new layouts

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