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Keep Your Site Up To Date with Fresh Content

If you want your business to consistently rank well in Google, host a blog on your website. Google crawls blogs often to find and rank the newest posts pertaining to search queries. If you want to pursue the high conversion rates you get with obscure “long-tail” keywords, host a blog with the freshest, most helpful content on a given search query.

Blogs also keep your website up-to-date and fresh without having to change the main content and message of your site. You can keep your site current and try out new or trendy keywords in a blog post, without sacrificing the SEO copywriting that keeps your site ranking high.

You want to bring all that new traffic to your company’s website. And not only are your new visitors potential customers, but their visits increase your PageRank and the relevance of your website for key terms through targeted anchor text.

Don’t have the Time? We Can Help.

But blogs take time. Researching, launching and writing them takes time. Providing fresh new content takes more time. And making sure that your blog gets an audience—the right audience for your business—takes not only time but online marketing expertise.

VERTICALwisdom can help. We can research and launch your blog. We can find long-tail keywords that will ensure your blog gets picked up by search engines. We’ll use best practices to keep your blog in front of your targeted audience. We’ll work with you to discover new content. We can even write your blog for you.

We can help you build your blog to truly represent you and your company. Call VERTICALwisdom SEO today!