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keep them coming back, and convert more customers

Marketing to people who have already visited your website is a great investment. It establishes your brand and allows users to come back before making a purchasing decision. VERTICALwisdom SEO can help you find and convert consumers who have already visited your website and are surfing the web. A remarketing campaign can target these users with text and image advertisements on the Google Display Network, or be further refined to include particular industry websites.

How it works

When users visit your website, they can be “tagged” with a special code placed on their browser. VERTICALwisdom SEO can access this information and then place text and image ads on any websites your previous visitors are browsing, as long as the sites contain containing Google ads.
When visitors search on Google for a particular topic, they typically browse the organic Google results pages, most of which contain Google advertisements. By choosing these top placements, we can effectively zero in on your previous visitors.

What it means to you

You can consistently increase your conversions by targeting potential buyers who have already visited your website. Consider this scenario: A potential customer visits your website. He or she logs off for a few days, then comes back online, searching for similar types of products and looking at review websites. Your ad is on that website.

Remarketing can work for your company