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Social Media for Local Business

Does your business have a local presence? Are you looking to bring in more foot traffic? If so, geo targeted social media is for you.
Today’s social media is becoming more locally oriented. Social networks now use the GPS on mobile devices, allowing users to check in at their favorite hangouts and let their friends know they’re at the newest hot spot.

Using Geo targeting for Marketing

This new form of communication presents an amazing opportunity for your local business. By doing as little as claiming your profile, you can make your business more visible to a brand new customer base. As customers travel near your business or check in at a nearby retailer, you can make sure they know your company is nearby. You can also create special offers for users, drawing in more customers and incentivizing them to visit your establishment.


for Local Businesses

Foursquare, one of the pioneers in geo targeted social media, makes a game of checking in at different geographic locations. By checking in, each user earns points or incentives that can be used to acquire badges, which are status symbols. Users are encouraged to check in repeatedly at their favorite hangouts; the user who checks in the most is named mayor of that establishment. To market your business to Foursquare users, you can create special offers which encourage repeat visits, thus exposing your brand to new customers.


the Place for Local Business

Facebook, the largest and most powerful social network today, has now added geo targeted features. You can take advantage of these features in two different ways:

1. You can claim your business as a place and associate it with the appropriate address. This allows users to check in and tell all their friends that they’re at your location.

2. In some major cities, Facebook has rolled out Facebook Deals, which allow businesses to post special offers exclusive to Facebook users. This incredibly powerful tool will allow users to see exclusive promotions in nearby locations.

Both strategies have the potential to draw new audiences.

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