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Dynamic Call Tracking

Call Tracking: The Insight You Need

It can be difficult to track calls placed to your business. But by using dynamic call tracking, VERTICALwisdom SEO can tell you when someone called and what marketing channel generated the call. Even better, we can track calls down to the keyword level, so that we  know exactly which keywords are generating leads. Mobile MarketingPhone calls are often your best chance for getting another sale. We can create a campaign for you that gets your phone ringing.  We’ll track calls using different 800 or local numbers on ads or landing pages. This allows us to see which ad or landing page produced the phone call. Utilizing this information, we can help you optimize your ads to generate more calls for your business. We recommend call tracking as a vital part of any functional marketing campaign. Not only does it provide direction in terms of customers and marketing opportunities, it can also measure how much marketing spend it takes to make your phone ring.

Offering even more than call tracking.

  • Google® Integration – tracks calls right in Google Analytics
  • IVR – an interactive voice response
  • IVR Integration -  an interactive voice response integrated with your database
  • Store Locator – routes calls by geography
  • Call Distributor – a virtual call center that routes calls by percentage
  • Voice Broadcasting  – automates outbound phone calls
  • Dynamic Number Insertion  – keyword level tracking
  • Call Tracking – offers complete call tracking reports
  • Find Me – advanced call forwarding
  • Conference Calling – outbound conference calling service
  • Voice Mail Boxes  – voicemail to email
  • Virtual Receptionist  – an auto attendant that greets and routes callers
  • Click-to-Call – allows website visitors to click a button to call you
  • VoteByPhone – live audience polling application
  • Multiple Numbers – tracks each marketing channel
  • Call Recording – gives insight into each call